About Us

About Us

I'm so glad you're here!

Cooking, serving and eating delicious food has always been a part of my life. Growing up in a Sicilian family, I have many memories of being around a bowl of ricotta, filling pasta to make Casatelli (Sicilian ravioli). Serving good food to the people I love – that’s how Cucina Pazza started.

Sometimes I feel like hospitality is a lost art. We are so busy these days that we would rather go eat out than cook a yummy meal at home. I love eating out too, but there’s something about serving people in your home. It’s personal, it’s special. So, we decided to start an in-home catering company. With lots of encouragement from friends and family and with tons of prayer, we took a leap and decided to start our catering business.

We specialize in catering in-home dinner parties. As the host, you decorate your home and table, and we cook a 5-course meal using your kitchen. Using your dinnerware, we serve you and your guests, and clean up when we’re done.

We also do workshops to teach people how to create experiences with and for your family and friends. We make fresh pastas, entrees and spectacular desserts! In addition, we cater larger parties, create cheese/charcuterie boards, grazing tables and appetizers for showers, weddings and parties of any size. If you want a unique dining experience, then contact us today.

-Rose Miano